Last Trio Rehearsal of the School Year with my Students

For the second year, I’ve enjoyed rehearsing once a week in my office with fantastically talented undergraduate students Adam Hendley (drums) and Robin Sherman (bass). Monday was the last session for this year, so we thought we’d capture some of it on video, like Oscar Peterson’s Blues Etude. Congratulations to Robin, who graduated this year (pending the results of his
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FSU Graduation Performance

Had a great time with with Brendan Polk, my former student who graduated yesterday (congratulations!), playing All Blues, In a Sentimental Mood, and other tunes on duo pianos to celebrate graduates of the FSU Piano Technology Program.

Inspiration for Improvisers

Check out this great article from, Inspiration for Improvisers

B-Sharps this Friday!

Playing this Friday, Apri 11, 8 and 10pm with the Scotty Barnhart Quartet

Marcus Roberts on 60 Minutes

The inspiring life story of the amazing jazz pianist, my colleague at Florida State University, Marcus Roberts      Marcus Roberts on 60 Minutes

Savannah Music Festival 2014

Had an exciting week teaching and performing with a range of talented musicians at Swing Central Jazz presented by The Savannah Music Festival! Music from Swing Central Pictures from the festival!  

Real-Time Music

Jazz is Making a Capital Comeback by Alyssa Brown, Tallahassee Magazine, March–April 2014 Real-Time Music

Jason Marsalis, Terrell Stafford, Etienne Charles, Steve Gilmore, and more…

March 24-29 Savannah Music Festival, Savannah, GA  Swing Central March 21 – Steve Gilmore, B-Sharps Jazz Club, Tallahassee, FL; Steve Gilmore and the FSU Jazz Faculty; B-Sharps, Tallahassee, FL March 25–29 – 25th Annual Savannah Music Festival, Swing Central Jazz Faculty, Savannah, GA; Bill Peterson, Etienne Charles, Alphonso Horne, Jason Marsalis, Rodney Jordan, Jeff Clayton, Terrell Stafford, Marcus Roberts, More
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The Arts Garage, Delray Beach

Looking forward to playing at The Arts Garage this Saturday! The Arts Garage

How Learning to Play Jazz Piano Kept Me Sane (by Jim Gerard)

Article by Jim Gerard–After an emotional breakdown, a boomer discovers the keys to mental health on a Baldwin upright. The Article Jim Gerard is a journalist and author of four books, including Who Moved My Secret and Beam Me Up, Jesus. He lives in New York City. His website is